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Pint of Science Regensburg 2023

The world wide probably biggest science festival “Pint of Science” took place for a second time Regensburg.

From 22-24.05.2023 scientists were explaining their research, with bars and pubs being their stages. In 26 countries in over 400 cities more than 2100 events took place.

With great support of the RIGeL graduate school a group of volunteers (including quite some RIGeL PhDs) organized the Regensburg events.

Two speakers per evening were invited. At Degginer we learned about machine learning approaches to understand learning behaviour and the prediction of building emissions. At alte Fillmbühne the learning behaviour of bumblebees and high security work on the corona virus were targeted. Last but not least we met at alte Mälzerei to hear about promising strategies to target cancer with the patients own weapons. In a nice atmosphere, with a drink or two, our guests enjoyed the explanation of cutting edge science and were involved in productive discussions.

We are happy for the outstanding active participation of researchers, the cultural scene and science enthusiasts and are proud to have this annual science festival running in our city.




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