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RNA Lecture Series

The RNA Lecture Series has a strong methodological focus. Every semester different speakers present state-of-the-art technologies for biomedical, molecular, cell- and sytembiological approcaches. The lecture series is held every semester.

Full participation in all sessions can be taken into account as Method Course (0.5 CPs) within the RIGeL Curriculum. The attendance form has to be picked up at the managment office of the Graduate Research Academy.



RNA Lecture Series Part I: Modern methods to analyze features of ribonucleo-protein particles



 Program overview

13.04.2016: Novel RNA-seq methods: Dual RNA-seq and single-cell RNA-seq

27.04.2016: Single-molecule techniques and applications to the studies of RNA and ribonuclo complexes

11.05.2016: Profiling of non-coding RNA classes

25.05.2016: Cryo-Electron Microscopy – method oft he year 2015

08.06.2016: Gene expression analysis with RNA-seq

22.06.2016: Studying RNA-Chromatin interactions

13.07.2016: Mass Spectrometry in Proteomics


RNA Lecture Series Part IV: Modern methods to analyze features of ribonucleo-protein particles



 Program overview

14.10.2015: Electron tomography of biological specimen - methods, challenges, results

28.10.2015: Applying Mass spectrometry–based proteomics to RNA

11.11.2015: Label-free physical sensors to monitor cell-assays in real time

25.11.2015: Popular methods for the spectroscopic characterization of proteins

09.12.2015: An overview of protein and RNA tags and their use in molecular and cell biology

13.01.2016: Live cell imaging

27.01.2016: DNA and RNA-based single cell analysis: from technology to biology and diagnostics.

10.02.2016: Design and analysis of high-throughput experiments


RNA Lecture Series Part III: Modern methods to analyze features of ribonucleo-protein particles


 Program overview

15.04.2015: The more, the better: Why hidden Markov models are superior to a pairwise sequence alignment

29.04.2015: Computational modeling of RNAi data

13.05.2015: Chipe chipe chip chip - High throughput analyses of immunoprecipitated chromatin

27.05.2015: High throughput methods to explore the architecture and function of mitochondrial RNPs

10.06.2015: Mass Spectrometry in Proteomics: Part II - Applications

24.06.2015: NMR-based structural analysis of biomolecules at atomic resolution

08.07.2015: Stucture probing of RNAs and RNPs


RNA Lecture Series Part II: Modern methods to analyze features of ribonucleo-protein particles


15.10.2014-04.02.2015, 17.00

 Program overview

15.10.2014: Principles of Translational Control: Mechanism and Factors

29.10.2014: Genomics tools and single-cell imaging techniques for the analysis of functional nuclear organization

12.11.2014: RNA world meets Epigenetics

26.11.2014: Structure determination of membrane proteins by X-ray and electron crystallography

10.12.2014: Processing of digital microscopy data using the open source program ImageJ

07.01.2015: Predicting the 3D structure of proteins by means of homology modeling

21.01.2015: Discovering the power of single molecules

04.02.2015: Detection and functional characterization of long non-coding RNAs


RNA Lecture Series Part I: Modern methods to analyze features of ribonucleo-protein particles

16.04.-16.07.2014, 17.00

Program overview

16.04.2014: Non-coding RNAs in cardiovascular disease

14.05.2014: Profiling of non-coding RNA classes

28.05.2014: RNAseq: methods and evaluation software

11.06.2014: Mass spectrometry in proteomics

25.06.2014: Subcellular visualization of RNP dynamics

09.07.2014: 3D crystal structures of complexes of RNA polymerase

16.07.2014: Analysis of molecular interactions and epigenetic modifications in chromatin research




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