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3rd Summer Academy of the RIGeL section CBB

The Summer Academy is meant to be a scientific get-together in the friendly environment of Kloster Kostenz. The event helps to establish personal and scientific contacts within the CBB network and provides a chance to exchange data and ideas. You will get an overview of the groups being part of the CBB section, the methods they are using and possibilities for collaborations.

This year two main changes will improve our meeting. First, we will not invite the PIs to our summer school in order to encourage the student discussions after talks. Second, the event will be extended by one day to further ease the daily schedule, and guarantee every student the chance to give a talk.

From the students side, there was the original idea to organize an orientation-weekend for new PhD students, independent of the summer academy. However, it is not possible to justify a meeting without scientific content towards the DFG. Therefore the SFB group leaders suggested to change the format of the Summer Academy. The Summer Academy 2012, which extends over 3 days, will now incorporate both: it will leave enough time for scientific exchange, as well as time to get to know each other on a more personal level.

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24.09.2012 - 26.09.2012


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