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Meet international experts and discuss latest developments in cancer research! - Dr. Carla Boccaccio (Candiolo Cancer Instiute, University of Turin, Candiolo, Italy)

Meet international experts and discuss latest developments in cancer research!

Seminar series of DFG Forschergruppe FOR2127: Selection and adaptation of metastatic cancer progression

This course comprises three opportunities to get in touch with experts working on hot topics in cancer research.

Part 1: This part will start at 11 am of the seminar day. Students will meet the speaker and discuss her/his published work. Two volunteers will present two papers of the speaker to the other students in the presence of the invited speaker. Presenters and audience will have the chance to discuss findings, methods and implications with the author directly and ask questions. This part is only for RIGeL, BioMediGS, medical doctoral students of the University and for postdocs from FOR2127. All other postdocs may inquire about vacancies. Participants must register 4 weeks before the event and provide their email address in order to receive the pdf of the papers to be prepared. The discussions in part 1 will prepare all participants for parts 2 and 3 and enable an insightful exchange with internationally leading scientists working in the field of cancer biology or tumour immunology.

Part 2: Following part 1, 10 selected students will join the seminar speaker for lunch at the Mensa and have the opportunity to discuss science and learn about career options. The two presenters will have first right to join the speaker for lunch, the remaining vacancies will be distributed.

Part 3: After lunch at 2 pm, the seminar speaker will present his/her latest research to a general audience.

Location: Part 1 and Part 3 will take place in at Hörsaal, Biopark I.

Registration: stefanie.pausch@ukr.de

RIGeL Credit points: Will be obtained for participation in part 1 and part 3 as Other Career Supporting Event. Presenters 0.3 CP, all others 0.15 CP

Questions to: christoph.klein@ukr.de; cc to stefanie.pausch@ukr.de

Dates - open for registration: 17.05.2018: 

Dr. Carla Boccaccio (Candiolo Cancer Instiute, University of Turin, Candiolo, Italy): "Characterization and therapeutic targeting of cancer stem-like cells in glioblastoma and metastasic tumors"

Registration deadline: 15.05.2018

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