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Excursion to BIONORICA

Organized by the RIGeL Excursions & Trips Team, 30 RIGeL PhD students visited the production site of BIONORICA SE in Neumarkt (Opf.) last Wednesday, 22nd of May 2013. As a potential employer for PhD graduates, BIONORICA attracts mainly with their state-of-the-art phytoneering concept and the locally linked production and research sides (Neumarkt and Innsbruck, respectively).

Representatives of the Communication and the Preclinical Department welcomed the PhD students and gave a short introduction to the company, their range of products and markets as well as the company’s philosophy. Next, a HR representative stated together with (graduated) biologists the career opportunities for graduated scientists within BIONORICA and encouraged the PhD students to apply for job offers at BIONORICA. The trip was complemented with a guided tour through the quality control and production facilities.

Due to the large number of applications, the trip will most probably be repeated within the next year.



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