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Successful defenses of PhD theses from February to July 2017

Successfully defended PhD theses:

October '16:

Claudia Hahn (Section CBB)

Katharina von Wyschetzki (Section MEE)

February '17:

Johannes Meier (Section Biomed)

Katharina Limm (Section Biomed)

Josef Simmel (Section MEE)

Stefan Dexl (Section CBB)

March '17:

Leonhard Jakob (Section CBB)

Alexandra Holinski (Section CBB)

Hedayatollah Hosseini (Section Biomed)

April '17:

Alexandra Perras (Section CBB)

Maximilian Plach (Section CBB)

May '17:

Mona Solanki (Section Biomed)

Patrick Löffler (Section CBB)

June '17:

Sophia Pinz (Section CBB)

Julia Wiesner (Section Biomed)

Mona Linde (Section CBB)

Anja Schlecht (Section Neurobio)

Ajay John Arputharaj (Section CBB)

Sebastian Bittner (Section Biomed)

July '17

Thomas Hackenberg (Section CBB)

Wolfang Kaiser (Section CBB)

Nina Weber (Section CBB)

Adnan Shahdadi (Section MEE)

Simone Buchtler (Section Biomed)

Sabine Feicht (Section Biomed)

Matthias Kies (Section CBB)


We congratulate them for their excellent performance and wish them all the best for their future career!


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