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Soft Skill Workshops 2021


In cooperation with RIGeL, the Graduate Research Academy RNA Biology offers a wide range of seminars that support PhD students to develop their generic skills and expand their interdisciplinary experience. The workshops are designed as an additional qualification during the PhD and offer valuable orientation for the next career steps.

Following courses will be offered in 2021:

Name of course Date Trainer Registration period
Application Training/ Goodbye Academia? (English) 18.-19.01.2021 Dr. Philipp Gramlich 18.-23.12.2020 (RNA Biolgy + CBB: 14.-23.12.2020)
Bewerbungstraining (German) 24.-25.03.2021 Nina Dorner 22.-26.02.2021 (RNA Biology + CBB: 15.-26.02.2021
Scientific Writing (English)   Dr. Brian Cusack 06.-09.04.2021 (RNA Biology + CBB: 29.03.-09.04.2021)
Conflict Resolution (English) 08.-09.07.2021 Dr. Gaby Schilling 15.-22.03.2021
Good Scientific Practice (English) 26.-27.07.2021 Dr. Michael Gommel 28.06.-05.07.202
Scientific Presentation (English) 21.-22.10.2021 Dr. Ruth Willmott 27.-30.09.2021 (RNA Biology + CBB: 20.-30.09.2021)

Storytelling for Scientists (English)

02./04./05.11.2021 Dr. Karin Bodewits 08.-13.10.2021 (RNA Biology + CBB: 04.-13.10.2021)


The registration will be available within the Event Calendar of the Graduate Research Academy RNA Biology/ RIGeL.

Please note that the number of participants is limited and the registration is on a first come, first served basis. The registration fee will be payed by the graduate school the PhD student belongs to. In case of a cancellation of participation less than 7 days prior to the start of the course a cancellation fee will be charged! The participation can be counted as “Other career supporting event” within the RIGeL Curriculum.


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