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First BIG workshop with Dr. Carsten Daub

On 31 January and 1 February 2019 the BIG group organized a Method Course in experimental design with Dr. Carsten Daub as guest and instructor. 14 PhD students from the University of Regensburg participated and learned about systematically approaching study design.

The group of PhD-Students participating in the course with Prof. Daub in the middle.

On day one of the course the group discussed several papers about experimental design, learning about the pitfalls and potential errors. Afterwards Dr. Daub gave a public talk about the work in his lab and his own experimental designs.

On the second day the participants presented their own experimental designs, applying the knowledge acquired the day before. The presentations were followed by short discussions to further improve the designs.

                                                                         Final feedback for the course.

We want to thank all the PhD-Students for participating and especially thank Dr. Carsten Daub for coming to Regensburg and instructing this course!


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