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The 6th successful RIGeL Day in a row

On the 7th of June the 6th RIGeL Day took place in a very relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. The official introduction in H 53 began with a short welcoming speech of the dean of the faculty, Prof. Inga Neumann. Afterwards, Prof. Gernot Längst, managing director of RIGeL presented the most important facts about RIGeL and gave a short overview of the PhD program.  Also the RIGeL organizing teams presented their different activities for recruiting new members. After the short official part the summer party started at 17.00 h outside in the forecourt of the new biology building. Thanks to the great support of the students’ association (Fachschaft) behind the grill, everyone has been provided with delicious sausages, steaks and BBQ cheese. Since the weather was really pleasant till late evening, many people stayed almost until midnight enjoying beer, wine and nice conversations.

We are looking forward to the next RIGeL Day 2019!



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